The Chaos of Medicine: March 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012


For the past week I've been neglecting about everything not having to do with school, which is also why it's been so silent over here. The workload right now is just crazy. Papers to hand in, tests to prepare, and then some more important essays. Luckily it's weekend now, so I've allowed myself a day to catch up with everything outside of school and studying. Med school is approaching so quickly right now and it's worth the effort.

In a month I will hear the topic I need to prepare for a test which could get me university entry (if this sounds unfamiliar, it's probably because you live in another country, you're not missing out on some secret test). In two months I will take the test and my final exams. In three months I need to do... nothing. In three months I'm going to prom and have my graduation ceremony and I will hopefully hear about my admittance to med school and I'm going to enjoy three months of freedom.

Although most of the times I'm not thinking about anything but the very near future, it's been nice thinking about the summer break. I'm not the person to do nothing for three months (or for that matter, a week), so I will probably be working quite a bit. I am considering getting a job at a local hospital, besides my job at the nursing home. Decisions, decisions. Also, I've been looking into the possibilities of being an exchange student. That would be such a great experience. Al this semi-planning gives me energy. I think I will be needing it to survive the next three months.

By the way, I would like to welcome my new followers. I can't believe my blog has already received over a thousand pageviews! It's so energizing to know that anyone is interested in my (often not so) medical stories ;) If you have any questions, you can always contact me.