The Chaos of Medicine: About Me

About Me

I love learning in every aspect. I am often (too) optimistic. I love making music, especially with friends. I am one of the most chaotic persons I ever encountered. My days are always filled, because I don't ever want to rest. I am a huge procrastinator, but that's about to change. Tomorrow. I can worry about things that are not important. I think life can be very frustrating, since there are always more questions than answers. But then again, how boring would life be if we knew everything? I care about spending time with my family. Oh, and organ donation. I always watch the Discovery Channels. Also, I dislike reading fiction. Facts are better. Or stories. Stories of wonderful people. People like Nella. There are also stories I don't exactly love because of their very nature. Still, I can't stop reading blogs like these. They make you appreciate what you do have. They also show you how your life can change instantly. Stories like these fuel me. If I don't see the point in doing something (usually studying, which is not always the same as learning), I remember how rewarding it would be to be Nella's or James' doctor. To try your best every single day for something bigger than yourself. That's what I consider life to be about.

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