The Chaos of Medicine: Why I Hate Medicine

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why I Hate Medicine

Now I know this goes against what I said before, but some parts of medicine are almost unacceptable. They are nearly unjustifiable, regardless of the good moments. I do not know how solve the problems, nor do I pretend to know. Still, even with my limited health care experience, I can see there is something seriously wrong.

Just like anyone properly preparing for university, I read about how (in my case) doctors experience their profession. I am surprised by what I read. Apparently, a lot of great physicians quit their jobs because of the increased workload. More patients in less time means not taking the best care of your patients or skipping breaks to have more time. With the first option there will be less gratitude and satisfaction, the second option is a sure way to a burnout. Either way, the original rewards of medicine are limited because of the workload.

In addition to this, the education of soon-to-be doctors is not exactly patient friendly either. I am sure there are many avoidable mistakes happening during the education of medical professionals. I am glad I did not make any serious mistakes yet during my seven months of dedicated improvisation, but to be honest, I'm also surprised. So how can all of this just happen?

My guess: money. Doctors are expensive. There are a lot of people who want to become a doctor, so this shouldn't be an issue. The only reason left is that increasing workload limits the costs. This seems to make sense: nobody would be thrilled to not increase workload but charge patients instead. Either way, the patient loses. And isn't the patient the center of medicine?

In an ideal world, doctors have enough time for patients so they can take good care of them. To achieve this, a doctor now has to agree to earning less and less. A great risk, considering the costs involved in education. I never wanted to become a doctor for the money, but is it worth having to worry about income? I do think so, but medicine is not only about passion anymore. It's about planning and scheduling and finances (and I haven't even covered law suits yet). That's what I hate about medicine.

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  1. Actually there are solutions to all problems... 8-)

    One thing that some young doctors do is go to another country, 3rd world, where the workload is only patients and not filling out useless forms.

    With more experience, coming back home is usually less "scary" and at that point you could afford hiring a secretary who does the form filling work for you (by choice!)

    Just my thought... 8-}