The Chaos of Medicine: Contentment

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Right now I am watching Mystery ER. I watch a lot of medical shows (both fiction and non-fiction) and I absolutely love them. Figuring out what's wrong, absorbing as much information as possible, but also dreaming about the future. Medical professions are known for their popularity. Ever seen a TV series about garbage men? For some part I consider the general enthusiasm naive. Medicine, for reasons I mentioned before, is not equal to dreams, and not everyone realizes this.

That said, I look forward to med school so much. Because of course, the general dream of being a doctor is not completely unjustified. I look forward to learning how to use a stethoscope. I look forward to assisting in the emergency room. I look forward to growing personally and professionally. I look forward to learning everything related to the human body, and even wearing a white coat to symbolize it all.

Another thing I love is preparing to get into med school together with others. It is just motivating to talk about how you want to achieve the same goal. It fuels the desire to try just a little harder, work just a little more. Med schools are very selective, and however frustrating it can be at times, it is also a game. A very important one, which makes winning the game even more crucial. A very long game, as the preparation can last for over a year.

That's why it is so important to have a community to remind you of your goals when needed. I love my blog for this: it allows me to structure my thoughts and get useful responses. I also love forums: they allow me to interact with people in different stages of the 'doctor process'. But most of all the friends who critically listen to what you say and support you. Even in the pre-medical school part, I learn so much. I feel very content knowing there is so much more to come.

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