The Chaos of Medicine: Curiosity

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It started way back, when I was quite small
I would simply ask “why?", one question, that’s all.
I would wait for an answer, sometimes it would come
“Because,” “I Don’t Know,” “Ask your father or mum.”

But it never stopped there The questions kept coming.
And answers were lacking, adults kept “ho-humming.”
It would start out quite simply and then get all muddled
I’d ask just one question and end up befuddled.

Why is the sky blue? or Why are plants green?
Why are they poor? and Why is he mean?
Why should I be good? Who put you in charge?

My mind would start racing as questions loomed large.
Why are we here? What ought I do?
Is there a rhyme, or a reason, or two?
Can it be learned, can I learn it, from who?
Will the answers be certain, or guesses, who knew?

My mind was unsettled, my brain never rested
But everyone moaned when their answers were tested.
I meant them no harm, I truly did not,
But I wanted some reasons for “why,” “which,” and “what?”

This exerpt from Dr. Seuss and Philosophy sounds so familiar. I've been into philosophy a lot lately, as you could guess with blog posts like these. By nature, I am very curious and I love thinking and analyzing.

While liking to be around patients is very important, being curious about medicine is just as important when considering to become a doctor. The difference between medical professions and most other professions is the likelihood of frequently and seriously impact a person's health, either in a positive or in a negative way. Every single fact you learn counts. every disease you memorize, every diagnostic test you master, it can all count when you need it. I love it. I've always liked to learn, but this way it's even more motivating.

Frankly, as much as I hate school at times, I don't mind adding a lot of education to my list.
I hope med school will provide me the opportunity to challenge myself. To broaden my knowledge and to spark my curiosity.

I can't wait to get into med school.

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